Disney Fast Pass

The Disney Fast Pass is a tool used to save time when visiting the rides and attractions at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.

The Fast Pass is complimentary and significantly shortens waiting times at attractions. The pass is available for all park guests, so you do not need to be staying at a Disney World Resort Hotel to qualify.

Disney began offering Fast Pass in 1999. The intention was to significantly reduce the lengthy waiting times for popular park attractions and give park-goers a chance to enjoy more attractions during their park visits. It was first used at the Animal Kingdom Park.

Throughout the park are Fast Pass Distribution centers. These are located at the entrance of each ride or attraction that offers Fast Pass access. There are two times listed at the center that displays the appropriate return time. The first lists the current wait time for the ride and the second lists the time that would be assigned for a Fast Pass patron to return.

Fast Pass users choosing to return claim their passes and return to the attraction within the window of time. The second time listed on the sign will match the time listed on the Fast Pass. For instance, a rider might be assigned a ride time three hour in the future between 3 and 4 pm. At that time, they return to ride the ride without a long waiting time.

Fast Pass waiting times are typically no more than five minutes. Since wait times for popular attractions can be an hour or more, this is a significant time savings and allows park-goers to see and do a lot more in a single day’s visit.

Before receiving your Fast Pass ticket, make sure the return time fits your schedule. If you know you are leaving the park at a certain time or you already have a Fast Pass for another attraction, it is probably better to wait and get a Fast Pass for a later time.

The Fast Pass is free for all park patrons. To get your pass from the machine, insert your park admission ticket into the Fast Pass machine. The machine takes Walt Disney World Resort admission tickets, Disney Resort Hotel keycards, the Disney Annual Passport or park readmission tickets. Your Fast Pass ticket emerges from the machine, so remember to grab it and hold onto it until your return time. Fast Pass tickets should be given to the attraction’s Cast Member upon your return.

There are a few important things park-goers should know when using the Fast Pass. The tickets are valid only on the day they are issued. Park-goers are limited to a certain number of Fast Pass tickets at one time. The ticket lists the time park-goers qualify for another Fast Pass for the same or a different attraction. Each person in your party must receive a Fast Pass to be able to use it. One Fast Pass ticket is required for each guest to access a given attraction.

Remember, not all Fast Pass eligible attractions offer a window of an hour. Some might be as short as a 15 minute window of time. If this is the case for your particular attraction, make sure you stay close enough to the area so you can arrive within the 15 minutes of time you are assigned.

The Fast Pass system was upgraded in 2002. Park-goers are now able to receive a second ticket within 45 minutes of the first Fast Pass ticket. Guests are now able to secure two Fast Pass tickets for the same hour’s worth of time. This means two park attractions could be enjoyed in less than an hour. This option might not be available during busier times at the park.

Watch as someone zips past a long line at Splash Mountain using their Disney Fast Pass!

Fast Pass tickets are available at all four of the main Disney theme parks…

Magic Kingdom Fast Pass tickets are available for Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, the Jungle Cruise, Peter Pan’s Flight and the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

Epcot Fast Pass options include the Test Track, Soarin’, Mission: SPACE Pavilion, Captain EO starring Michael Jackson and Maelstrom.

Park guests can use Fast Pass at Expedition Everest, Primeval Whirl, Kali River Rapids, Kilimanjaro Safaris or DINOSAUR at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Fast Pass is available for the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith, Star Tours – The Adventures Continue, Toy Story Mania and the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.


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